The Unicorn Initiative

A Joint Research Project Between CBL and the Brattle Group.

The Unicorn Initiative is a joint research project between the UC Hastings Center for Business Law and the Brattle Group.

There is no shortage of unicorn lists, but these tallies leave a key question unanswered for policy makers: what are the outcomes? How and when are unicorns exiting?  What is the nature and frequency of unicorn litigation?  Until recently, systematic analysis of these questions was premature.  But now a critical mass of companies have been unicorns long enough to identify some patterns that may help policy makers and others understand better this relatively new and evolving market.

Join us on November 4th to explore this topic with a panel of experts at UC Hastings between 12pm and 1:30pm. Register in this link.

You can read more research by Prof Abraham Cable on unicorns here.


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