Corporate Counsel Externship Program

UC Hastings offers the Corporate Counsel Externship program for Spring 2020!

Our partners in the program this year include:















UC Hastings’ Corporate Counsel Externship Program provides the opportunity for second and third-year students to earn academic credit based on training in corporate counsel offices of for-profit and non-profit companies. The on-site learning helps students be practice-ready business attorneys who are knowledgeable, skills, and valuable from day one. Students will learn how in-house attorneys collaborate and communicate with the company client, and how to incorporate the client’s unique mission, business, and industry context into their legal advice. Supervising attorneys guide, train, provide feedback, and mentor the student through the semester.

The on-site learning is supported and enhanced in the classroom. Students are enrolled in a weekly seminar that teaches the role of corporate counsel, integral lawyering competencies, and the ability to self-develop and learn from practice. The Corporate Counsel Externship Seminar is two units, C/NC. Students will earn 4-5 Corporate Counsel Fieldwork units for 16-20/hours per week of work at their placements. Students will work at their placements for a minimum of 12 weeks. All credits qualify as experiential.


  • Students need to be 2L or 3L students in good academic standing.
  • Students cannot be participating in a concurrent live-client or work experience (i.e. clinic, externship, Start-Up Legal Garage, or legal work).
  • Students need to be enthusiastic, open-minded, and dedicated.

For more information contact:

Nira Geevargis
Associate Clinical Professor & Director of Externship Programs
UC Hastings College of the Law
(415) 581-8908