Current Students

UC Hastings offers a wide range of options for students interested in learning more about corporate law.  In addition to a broad selection of courses taught by our renowned faculty and leading San Francisco lawyers, we offer the opportunity to concentrate in business law by finishing a program of study and a capstone course in business law.  We also offer significant opportunities to gain practical experience through our clinical programs and experiential curriculum.

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Business Law Concentration

Many of our students pursue careers as business lawyers in corporate law firms or in-house positions. “Business law” means overlapping areas of practice that focus on assisting clients with (1) business transactions, (2) entity governance, (3) compliance, or (4) prospective management of legal, litigation, and other risk. Other terms that are frequently used to describe this area of legal practice are transactional or corporate law

Clinical Education and Experiential Opportunities


The Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment Clinic at UC Hastings is a pro bono program that serves as outside counsel for social enterprises (both nonprofits and for-profit businesses) on corporate and transactional matters.  They advise clients on a variety of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, contractual, business tax, and entity formation matters.  They work collaboratively with clients to help them minimize risks and avoid pitfalls as they achieve their social impact goals.  Their vision is to build long-term relationships with their social enterprise clients to help support the sustainability of these companies.  All legal services through this program are provided pro bono, at no cost to the client.  The clinic prioritizes working with social enterprises that are making an impact within economically marginalized communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are a potential business client interested in legal services, please contact Professor Ball at

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Startup Legal Garage

Work under the direction of some of the country’s leading lawyers as you advise real start-up firms and help to solve their legal problems as part of one of the most innovative and unique programs at any law school in the country.  The Startup Legal Garage course is a full year course with seminar and fieldwork components each semester.

Classroom Component:  This course will orient students to the expectations of a transactional law practice and students will develop and apply lawyering skills such as transaction planning and management, client interviewing and counseling, navigating conflict of interest issues, and legal research.

Fieldwork Component:  Under the close supervision of a practicing attorney, students will work with entrepreneurs in their very early stages of business planning.

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In-House Externship

Earn academic credit for on-the-job training at some of the world’s most innovative and pre-eminent corporations.

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Student Organizations

Hastings Business Law Journal

The Hastings Business Law Journal, established in 2005, is one of the top business law journals in the United States.  The Journal was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in its landmark decision AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, 563 U.S. 321 (2011), as well as by the Delaware and Texas state supreme courts.  Our content has also been cited in more than 350 other academic articles.

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Hastings Business Law Society

The mission of the Hastings Business Law Society (HBLS) is to serve as a forum to connect all students at Hastings College of the Law with the business law field. HBLS’ goal is to provide students with access to information concerning the study and practice of business law, courses, scholarships, and careers. Furthermore, students will have opportunities to network with alumni who are working in the various areas of business law.

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Asian Law and Business Society

The Asian Law and Business Association (ALBA) serves as a collaborative platform for students interested in Asian Law, business, foreign relations, policy, trade, and economics. ALBA aims to foster an understanding of the professional landscape between the US and Asian countries by offering career development opportunities, hosting networking events, and inviting guest speakers in person or via webinars. Members are encouraged to network with international students, organize mentorships, and collectively pool their resources to actively seek out shared opportunities.

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