The CBL Scholars Program

Recent events have shone a powerful spotlight on a harsh reality that too often gets ignored: American society is built on massive racial inequalities which provide great opportunity for some while systematically oppressing others.

At the UC Hastings Center for Business Law we believe that it is incumbent on each of us to do redouble our efforts to meaningfully address the lack of equity and equality in America. While today’s business lawyer sits at the nexus of the most critical issues facing modern enterprises, the diversity and opportunity gap in this practice is glaring.

As a new initiative at UC Hastings, CBL is ideally situated to develop a diverse new generation of future leaders in
business law. To do this, we are fundamentally rethinking how our law school recruits, supports and empowers law students from non-traditional backgrounds to not only access opportunities, but to be fully equipped to capitalize on them.

This is why we have launched the Center for Business Law Scholars Program (“CBL Scholars Program”).

The CBL Scholars Program is a comprehensive initiative that runs from admission to graduation and beyond to assist first-generation professionals and students who have overcome adversity, including significant educational, social and economic inequity – particularly those students enrolled in UC Hastings’ Legal Employment Opportunity Program (“LEOP”) – entering the business law community. LEOP, created in 1969, is embedded in the core mission of social mobility that defines UC Hastings and the University of California.

We believe that financial aid alone is not sufficient to overcome a system that concentrates privilege in the hands of a few at the expense of opportunity to many, so students that become a part of the CBL Scholars Program (“CBL Scholars”) will receive more than financial aid. CBL Scholars will receive hands-on academic and professional mentorship, support and guidance
through each step of their law school career.

To capitalize on San Francisco/Bay Area’s prominence in the technology industry, our initial CBL Scholars Program track will be tailored to students with a demonstrable interest in this space. However, this is just the start. After proving out the model, our ultimate vision for the CBL Scholars Program is to create a number of tracks that will prepare students to pursue a variety of business law careers.

This program tackles an ambitious agenda that will have a real impact in addressing the systemic inequalities which stunt the growth of meaningful diversity within the business law community. To realize the promise of the CBL Scholars Program, we need your support!

To step up and support the CBL Scholars Program, please contact:

  1. Scott James
    UC Hastings Center for Business Law
    General Counsel Data Collective (DCVC) (Hastings ’13)
  2. Evan Epstein
    Executive Director
    UC Hastings Center for Business Law
    (628) 245-7180
  3. Jared Ellias
    Faculty Director
    UC Hastings Center for Business Law
    (415) 581-8815

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